Some Interesting Facts About Sailing


An activity which involves the act of the sailor to proper a watercraft or vessel, like , ice boat, windsurfer, sailboat, kite surfer and sailing ship, on a surface of any bodies of water is called as sailing, and such activity is also recognized as an important part of any plans of navigation. Sailing can either be a form of a recreational activity or a sport activity. Boating is also called as recreational sailing and such is described as the activity that can be made or performed during an individual’s leisure time and that involves the act of travelling using different kinds of boat or watercraft. Boating may also involve other sports activities like paddlesports, waterskiing, sailing, parasailing, regattas or racing, and fishing. The various kinds of watercrafts or boats used in boating include sailboats, paddle boats, rowing boats or shells, kayaks, canoes, dinghies, daysailers, runabouts, and powerboats.

The yacht charter greek islands is being done with the use of a boat or ship, commonly called as yacht, and such is being performed for leisure, recreational and sporting activities. The yacht can also be used in different ways, such as for lifestyle cruising or safe cruising, which involves travelling while sailing on a yacht; the non-yachting use of the watercraft, such as shipping, operation of ferries, military applications, and commercial fishing; and for competitive sailing, such as dinghy racing and yacht racing. The term cruising is recognized as the act of the people to use a boat for lifestyle purposes and that includes the act of living on the water vessel for a long duration of time while they travel from one place to another to gain pleasure and satisfaction. There are different forms of cruising namely the coastal cruising, blue-water cruising, expedition cruising, travel on cruise ships, daysailing, camp cruising or beach cruising, and seasonal cruising or commute cruising.

If it is your first time sailing and interested to try such great activity, the first thing you need to know is the different parts of a boat or water vessel. The various important parts of a boat or any watercraft includes the cockpit, deck, bow, cabin trunk, port, starboard, hull, companionway, keel, tiller, transom, rudder, and the stern. The other basic thing that each and every first timer in sailing needs to learn and understand are the various terms used by sailors, and that includes windward, which refers to the direction where the wind is blowing; leeward, which refers to the direction opposite to the way the wind blows and can be simply called as lee; tacking, which is a basic sailing in greece maneuver that refers to the act of turning the bow of the boat through the wind to change the wind from one side of the boat to another; and jibing, which is a term that refers to the opposite of tacking and it involves the act of turning the stern to change the winds direction.


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